Cordage Asset Management

CAML is a privately-owned property asset management Company specializing in value creation and profit maximization.

Asset Management

CAML operate on a ‘Principle Only’ basis, whereby the Company only receives profits once they have added value and realized profit uplift to any project, they are involved in.

They focus on small-to-medium properties with potential for change-of-use and only invest in projects where the exit strategy has been established prior to purchase. Through their partners and long-term relationships, they can identify the best opportunities and ensure an excellent deal flow.  

CAML’s achievement rate on planning applications is outstanding with more than 80% achieved on first application, with an average project lifecycle of 12 months. The company has successfully advised and completed in excess of £105.3m of transactions and holds key relationships with the most active players in the sector.

stakeholder ethos

Cordage Group will charge you NO FEES for our work or time spent on your portfolio. We only receive our agreed share, when we have created and realized enhanced profits for you.



Additionally, the professional team used throughout the lifecycle of any project, work on a profit enhanced fee structure.

This reduces your initial capital risk by 65%.

Our stakeholder ethos ensures that at every point of the process all motivations are fully aligned.

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